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trust people to trust themselves

big change requires bold moves. even small ones include some adjustments. but change does happens. at least it should. if we know this, why does change seem so crazy?

this week i took a step toward a new direction. it’s different, but deep down what i’m seeking is more from me. the past is always a good foundation. someone asked, “what’s the problem?” others asked, “what’s going on” or “is everything okay?”  they were laced with concern. and i understood. they care for me deeply. but none of them, all people of faith, displayed much. none initially said, ‘tell me more’ or ‘i know you got this.’ their projection was that of fear. and again, i understood it but pushed back by saying that nothing ever grew from ease or comfort. we all need challenge and most likely that’s going to require something new.

i’ve learned, probably more recently, to trust people to trust themselves. know one knows someone better than they know themselves. sure, one can learn more about themselves, and get counsel from others but people know who they are and what they possess even when facing the unknown. i’ve grown to allow others to test their own faith. to let people pause and pivot. i surely am.

i reminded one of these good people that love is freeing; it liberates. it allows for release. most importantly, it allows. it does not bind or hold back. it let’s life soar. and the goodness about love, real love in its highest form that is, is that it’s always there. it’s patient. kind. not self-seeking. it protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres – always. just like the concerned people know i will.

recently i went home for a family reunion and saw one of my favorite aunts there. she hugged me, grabbed my forearm and said “you got something in you. you’re different.” and the most beautiful thing she told me was that she admired me. on that hot, humid august day, i knew the change i’d been debating would happen soon. i pray my own faith forward. and i’m grateful for the support, praise, concern and reminders that i’m covered in loved.

a boy who loves – j. darius greene

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