praises for j. darius greene

darius has been described as one of the college’s best story tellers.” – university of maryland, college of arts & humanities service award recipient

j. darius greene never meets a stranger. his optimism, strength, talent, character and absolute love for what he does shows in his projects. he is a passionate perfectionist and enjoys seeing happiness in others and will go above and beyond in making that happen. there’s no one else who will take the time to listen and bring things out of you that you didn’t know you had.” – stephanie p.

i highly recommend darius to others. his passion for what he does as a writer, educator, and photographer is commendable. keep up the great work! the world needs your talent and expertise.” – cassandra j., seasoned higher educational administrator

from an educator’s perspective, darius is an enthusiastic and favored career day speaker to our students. he gives the students reasons to succeed and real life experiences. he is appreciated among our diverse student population. he is honest and open, loves with his whole heart, cherishing his family and genuine with his friends.” – elisha j., school counselor

darius is so easy to work with and makes taking your pictures fun! he is professional, talented, innovative, responsive, and extremely nice. i wish him nothing but continued success!” – neph t., clinical pharmacist/pharmacy team coordinator

reviews of for boys who love

more than a book of poetry, this is a collection of truths. the author poured himself into this work. one can easily find himself (or herself) in one or more of these dynamic pieces.

good Stuff! the title mentions boys, but i believe the poetry is for everyone. the poems are vivid and honest about life. simple, raw and truthful. i didn’t know quite what to expect, but after reading, i certainly look forward to other collections from the author.

this is a wonderful compilation of poems. the expressions are so honest. there are a few poems that make you think and definitely make for great conversation. very nicely put together.

there was an initial fear that this body of work would cater only to a particular demographic. turns out my fear was unwarranted. this is a literary time capsule and time machine that transforms the black text and white pages into colorful imagery, transports the mind of the reader to a place of “remember when”, and tells a true story of human emotion and phases of life. a job well done.

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