sibling synergy

DSC_1203everyday, all over the world, a sibling is born into a new family. a fresh bundle of joy for all to love, admire, kiss and hug on. however this may come at a loving expense to the last born. when my sister arrived, i imagine i threw major prince shade her way – side eyes, pursed lips and all. i’m sure i gave my parents, “harpo who dis woman” vibes. as we grew, i learned who she was. but along the way i challenged her the way my brother did; like many siblings did and will forever do. as siblings, we do that to that each other – but you better not mess with ’em!

DSC_1151 somewhere in the midst of all that shared love, is challenge and support. michael & janet, kim & khloe, toni & tamar, marsha, marsha, marsha!, “why does she get all the good ones,” sibling love. very likely, it’s even with your own sibling – there’s poking and prodding from the elder and an underlying desire from the younger to excel and exceed the one(s) before. its’ not envy – no, not at all. there’s a “catch me if you can/watch this/always got your back” dance going on. i know i do it and my brother constantly reminds me that he’s king of the dance floor and still reigns supreme – in everything! and guess what…i (kinda) believe him! but each time i see him, my chest is puffed out a little bit more. i mean, i’m not scared of him or anything…aaaannnnd i am like 3 inches taller than him. but still, at the slightest flinch, he knows i’m putty; back in his web of ‘gotcha.’ it’s always a test and sometimes, as the student, i pass. he’ll clap (very slowly). and i’ll proudly pat myself on the back…this time. my dad does it with younger brothers, especially my uncle danny; it’s literally washington vs the cowboys, respectively. they taunt and love. argue, bicker and love. encourage, chastise, build-up and love. it’s innate. my dad recently told me that his uncle’s, brothers jack (a republican) and ralph (a democrat), would meet at the fence everyday and argue. in love, i imagine.

in your spare time, if you’re a sports fan (or not), check out espn’s 30 for 30 i hate christian laettner (31:49 – 37:25 mark). in it, they mention christian’s relationship with his older brother. he’d taunt and nag christian, all the time inspiring him to tap into his greatness. years later at duke university, christian did the same thing to bobby hurley and his other younger teammates. grant hill described it as ‘bullying’, but it helped make them all tougher. it helped make them championships. it shows the tango and synergy of siblings – by blood or by bond.

in my own family, i have countless examples of this synergy. it’s comical to see it action. and now, there’s adi and liv. i’m ready for it and adisyn’s already at work! the good thing this, there’s always family – especially mama and grandma around to run to if necessary. enjoy your synergy – sibling or not. and as always, happy clicks!

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