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are we inherent liars?

i’ve been sitting on this one for awhile now…and it’s been boiling. lying. is it something we acquire from others or just instinctively do? or are we afraid of the consequences of our or the truth?

awhile back, i was working with someone that was in need of an answer. more importantly, he needed help. his question dated back to the early 90’s. he called. left a voicemail. then emailed. “please explain,” his plea ended. i replied that i’d look into it and get back with him. he immediately replied, “i’m confused by this.”

i did my part, researched and was prepared to send a very clear, brief response. instead, i decided to call. something in me wanted to hear his story. his tone would tell much more than words on a white screen. i shared with him what i discovered and from his scripted, “and action!” response, i knew he already knew what the answer would be. i felt that instead of leading with the truth to begin with, he chose to avoid. basically, his ass lied. i hung up and asked the person in the room with me, “if you need help, why would not lead with the full story – the whole truth? why leave parts out? and more, why not admit any errors? i even role played how that┬átype of conversation would go. “hi, it’s me. i’m calling to find out how i can get this situation handled. here’s the full story… [inserts the truth]. can you help? what can we do?

our conversation ended with him being a frank and frustrated. however, i thought the situation was over and done; he knew what the next steps would be. then, this week, he called again to follow up on our chat. you know he had the same exact story. “i have to get this fixed. ya’ll messing with me” he yelled. “i’ve informed you of what you’ll need to do. i can walk you through those steps, otherwise i have nothing else to add.” he declined it all. he’s still searching for someone to tell him a lie. won’t be me.

when we pray, do we lie in our requests? do we not break ourselves open and yield to vulnerability? we’re seeking an answer. sometimes it’s given with nothing or much required but to accept it. sometimes it’s an open door we gotta force our way through to other side. this brother didn’t wanna work. he wanted a reward for a lie. a way out without work. i hope we find spaces to trust the truth. there’s something bold with leading with it and never looking back.

a boy who loves – j. darius greene

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