you’re welcome for more

it’s the most wonderful time of the year. some of us appear nicer, have hearts full of cheer and eager for new beginnings when that glittery ball drops. but think to the last time you gave something or fulfilled someone’s request and were shown appreciation. in that giving, how many times did you say “you’re welcome” when someone said “thank you?” to the receiver, those words can be an offering of (deeper) trust.

i have a friend that replies “you’re welcome” when anyone says “thank you.” the last time he said it, it hit me in a different, non-pageantry way. my heart received it. it was his own sense of appreciation and i felt it was invitation for him to serve and give again. it assured me that his generosity was genuine.  so in your giving spirit this season, consider a “you’re welcome” when you’re thanked for the compliment, gift or time you gave. it’s small, but mighty.  

a boy who loves – j. darius greene




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